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A wealth of debt collection expertise combined with a disciplined approach to collecting the money you need to run your company with maximum efficiency. We are results oriented, focused on producing revenue without generating negative publicity for your company. You can be assured that our staff exercises the highest degree of professionalism and strictly adheres to all state and federal laws governing the debt collection industry. But most importantly for your bottom line, we are a fee for service company which means that you don't pay until you get paid. Here is a brief list of our standard services:

1. Credit reporting

2. Skip tracing

3. Recorded telephone calls

4. Multiple payment options

5. A customized plan for your company

6. Regular portfolio reports

7. Easy set for your files

8. Open line of communication

9. Outstanding fee rates

10. Free letter service

11. Increased profits

and more...

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  7340 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC, 29223