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General Qualifications

  1. You should have steady employment which is defined as a minimum of 6 months at your current job
  2. Your income should be no less than double the rent of the house. (example: Hourly wage x hours worked per month / 2= rent you can pay)                                           
  3. You must have an email address for application processing.
  4. All information provided should be easily verifiable.
  5. You must pass a minimum credit score check  (credit score checks do not impact your credit rating)
  6. You should not have any evictions in the past three years. Evictions include those that may be pending. Evictions withn this timeframe are automatic disqualifiers.
  7. You should be able to pass a background check, however, each case will be considered based on merit.
  8. You should be physically able to take care of the inside and outside of the house or financially able to pay others to perform these tasks.
  9. Be prepared to pay a fee of $2.00 to our 3rd party verifier when contacted by email.
  10. If your application does not meet our minimum standard you will be denied or asked to pay a higher deposit based on assumed risks.
  11. If you application is turned in incomplete you will be denied.
  12. Xspann Real Estate is a for profit business therefore we do not negotiate deposit nor rent.

You can print, fill out and return this application.

Signing a lease is a legally binding contract therefore we urge anyone interested in renting a home to give this serious consideration. Although renting a house is a better experience for most people than renting an apartment; managing a house can be more difficult. From having a higher electricity bill, lawn care and water bill, a house has more demands than an apartment but privacy has its own rewards. Privacy makes living in a house a warmer friendlier place in which Xspann Real Estate works to insure the long term comfort of all its tenants.

Rental Application